Back in an MX-5... again

Hello everyone!

So I’m back… again. This will be my 3rd MX-5 in 4 years. I sold my previous NC PRHT for a 350Z, and as much as I loved that car, I recently got a new job where I need to commute. So, I have my car for commuting in, but wanted a weekend toy. Originally I had my sights set on an NA, as I’ve always wanted one. However, this NC showed up on eBay right near where my gf lives, and I managed to get it for the princely sum of £1890… 

I’m very happy with it. It managed to pass its MOT just last week, so next job is to give it a good service, then begin tidying it up a bit! 


That looks a proper nice car for banger money. MOT history is pretty good and importantly no mention of corrosion. Straight and unmolested.

You could have spent more money than that getting an NA half decent.

Well done.

Looks a tidy example. Enjoy your MX5. 

Welcome back

Awesome job and nice car! I also came from a 350z! Even though the Z was the car I always wanted growing up (I blame Need For Speed Underground!), the lightweight MX5 did not take long to grow on me and the savings on the running costs left a little spare cash to “invest” on tinkering :sunglasses: Hope you are enjoying this one, and hopefully it’s here to stay!