Back in the club with my 4th Mk1

Hi all

Just rejoined the club with an early fully standard MK1.

It’s my 4th MK1 and hopefully will now be in a position to keep well past its classic 40 year old status.

Just had new roof fitted but its mega tight - any advice please.

Drives like a dream!

I’m based in West Yorkshire and looking to take part in plenty of meets far and wide!



Need more Mk1s on the forum. We’re dying out. Mine is a little newer but not as nice.

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Welcome to the club!

With a new roof you probably need three people to close it. One to put pressure on each front edge and one to close the latches. Give it a few days and it will be fine. It needs to be tight to start off otherwise it will end up loose and baggy.


Don’t leave it with the roof down when not in use and leave it out in the sun to get it nice and warm and stretchy.


Welcome aboard.
That is an early car.

Have fun and enjoy


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Nice in Classic Red, so is this an early short-nose crank engine?

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Certainly is - the original and still the best!

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Also need more MK2s we’re also in the minority😉

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Hey! Go start your own thread, this is our minority thread, get your own! :wink:

@liquidhead1 Judging by that photo, it already looks like you have some nice scenery round you for drving round :slight_smile: