Bacon and Brakes - Who's going?

I’m looking forward to my first meetup (literally every) and thought I would get a feel for who is coming. I don’t think Steven has put out any further correspondance.

Mostly curious to what the turn out will be!

E-mail to follow this weekend with details.
16 cars signed up from E/W, so far - space booked for 20 at the event.
If you are intending on going, and haven’t done so yet, pls let me know at

Me, in this.

What year and trim?

1996 Eunos S-Special Type II.

What about you?

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I picked up a 25th Anniversary NC last week, but I also have a 2000 NB. Would post a better pic but the weather is god awful and I’ve not had a chance snap any decent ones.

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