Bad smell in fiesta

I’ve just fitted a heater resistor to my partners Ford fiesta. The fan works now but there is a hot plastic smell being blown into the cabin. Is that normal with it being a new part or should I take it out and check it ? I don’t really want to do that as it’s not easy.
Thanks, from an NC driver.

There should NOT be a hot plastic smell.

The speed-dropper resistor usually includes a one-time thermal fuse which will pop if it gets too hot, usually because of restricted airflow - often because of blocked pollen filter or fan not going round fast enough.

Plastic smell might be because there is a misplaced wire with insulation getting cooked on it, or worse the motor is partly seized and is burning out.
If you can see it when its working, say when the filter is out, have a look at it with everything running normally and check for smoke etc…

Be careful; fans can chop fingers…

Thanks Richard.
I think i’ll get a mechanic to check it out for me.

Yes, the fuse goes because the pollen filter is blocked. IIRC, it’s much easier to replace than the resistor, so no need for a mechanic