Baffled over renewal with a pending claim

June last year in a hospital car park a woman brake tested me at less than walking pace and I gave her a tap. (Long story)

No damage to the Bismarck but it popped the plastic clips off her front bumper. (Ford) £890 damage apparently. Insurance says 50/50  


So now MiXi is due for renewal so thought I should mention it to them and also put the roll bar on at the same time as it had slipped my mind.

Best just get a quote or two, but to my horror it came back as £1085. Next cheapest £1800  


So I phoned the renewal (A-Plan) and explained; the car park ding with the other car as well as the roll bar, and they said, 

“Thats OK, same as before, £192”




Wow, thats some difference!