Band of rust on brake disc

The discs on our Mk2.5 always go a little bit rusty if the car sits unmoved for a while but it usually all clears after a short drive, but after the winter lay-up I have noticed that the rear offside brake disc has a band of rust in the middle of it which isn’t clearing, even after some heavy braking.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help sort the problem? I am not particularly mechanical so removal of brake calipers etc. would have to be outsourced to a garage.

That needs some attention. It all depends on how worn the discs are whether you replace them or merely skim them. They’re not that expensive and most people would replace them, and of course also the pads.

I had a similar problem, and posted what I did about it a couple of years ago

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That’s an unusual pattern of wear, I’d be inclined to replace both discs and pads, both sides of course on the rear.



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Thanks everyone. The discs don’t seem to be worn much at all but I will add this to the list for when the car goes in for its annual service (whenever that now ends up being).

The pad has some form of wear.
I’d be tempted to remove the pad and sand it flat, which may help get rid of the rusty area.
Although the correct fix is probably news disks and pads.

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Thinking about this, it is worth having a look at the hidden back (or inside faces) of the discs, they might be even worse. They might be fine, but you’ll never know without checking.

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I had this on the rear caliper of my wife’s car. Turned out it needed a new caliper

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Please never ‘sand’ a brake pad. The grit will stick in the pad surface and cause extremely rapid disk wear.

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That is weird. Mild rust on the disc mainly cleared. If you remove the pads you would see why this has happened - material completely missing from that part of the pad across the entire width of the pad - very strange.
New pads usually have a more abrasive top layer to allow bedding in to the disc. Assuming that is the only issue I would just fit a new set of pads on both sides.

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