Bandana anyone?

Just in from Iain Fleming…

Quick line to let you know the Club Custom Multifunction Bandana is back in stock and live on the store today.

It features the 4 generation design on a multicolour Blue, red and orange back ground (couple of pictures attached).

While we wouldn’t (and don’t) recommend that it serves to replace a face mask, it is a handy item (as I have discovered) to have in the car or round your neck to double up as face covering, its tremendously compact and lightweight meaning it can be worn ccomfortably for extended periods.

A lot have gone today and there are about 100 left at the moment.

Price includes delivery, please email the for any bulk orders of 3+

Kind Regards

Iain Fleming



Saw it on MX5 instagram yesterday and ordered one. It can also be used as a neck scarf which is handy to wear when driving roof down in the cooler months. Good value for money at a tenner.:+1:

Mine arrived Saturday morning so swift delivery - thank you. Good quality, soft and plenty of material so great as a neck scarf. No washing instructions but after researching the maker found they can be machine washed at 30° which has been done successfully.

Hopefully they will be back in stock soon for other club members.

Problem is won’t post outside UK on website to Spain. Lets hope they don’t run out before I’m back in UK…

UPDATE: within minutes of posting this - Ian emailed me and sorted it.

Now that’s first class service… Thank you.


I have been using bandana,s for years got loads use them whilst walking , and driving my Mx5 now perfect instead of a face mask :mask: more comfortable just an all round price of kit :heart::+1:

Ordered mine 10:55 this morning, Friday, “order dispatched” confirmation 14:09. Pretty impressive!! :smiley:
Many thanks Iain!!! :+1: :+1:

They didn’t last long already out of stock!
Never mind.

Just to update. Mine was delivered at 9:00 this morning - Saturday!! :+1: Can’t get better than that! :+1:
Thanks again Iain! :+1: :+1:

Very useful under present circumstances!!!

Fingers crossed they come back in stock

Well thanks to Ian ours have just arrived here in Spain. Thank you Sir they look great.