Bangers and Cash Weekend Suggestion in September 2022

Hi All
I have had a call from Barry Badger, who has been trying to arrange a weekend away to see where the ‘Bangers and Cash’ TV Programme is filmed in the Pickering area.
We are hoping for it to be around the end of September.
Barry has confirmation from the venue, for us to visit them, but not on an auction day, and hopefully we will be able to meet the family running the business.
We have still work to do looking at hotels for a long weekend, Friday to Sunday and visiting Bangers and Cash on the Saturday.
If this weekend sounds of interest to you, we are just trying to see how many of you may want to take this up, so that we can start to look at numbers for hotels, etc.
Please add your name to the thread and any queries you may have and we will answer them if we can.
Hope this sounds interesting.
David Mortiboys

Hello David.

We’d be interested in taking oart with this over a long weekend. :+1:


Ian & Carol-Ann

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway (steam trains) are at Pickering too if that’s of any interest to anyone. Some great roads over the Yorkshire Moors.

I dont know if it’s of any use, but many years ago we stayed at keldy forest. Like a holiday camp with cabins, and no bar :disappointed_relieved:

Just out of Pickering if memory serves.

Hi David

We are interested in the Bangers and Cash weekend.

Dave and Cath

I visited last October, the village is a lovely place and Mathewson’s is very interesting with loads of repro stuff to tempt a wallet opening. I spoke to Derek, came across as a present chap, tho’ not everything was open to the public. Hopefully it will be by the time of your visit.

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You will have a great weekend, met Derek last year when he collected a Capri Laser, Mk2 Escort and Fiesta S from my house in Hathern and filmed the collcetion for the programme (waiting for it to air) and hes a lovely blokee.

Hi Im interested brill sounds great, although we do have the event in Hinkley I think on the 18th.

Derek had a bit of a grumble as he passed us outside his showroom. Coming back past us he smiled and said hello, so seems just like he is on the telly programme.:grin:

Incidentally the Premier Inn (newish) just up the road towards Pickering looks ideal for here, especially for a rally group say, might give it a go ourselves next time we are in the area.

Would be interested
NIgel & Janet

Hi David

What a great idea for a weekend please put Karen and Dave down for this.
cheers Karen and Dave

We would be interested, Nerina and Mark (with two cars)

Hi David
We would be interested in the Bangers & Cash weekend. As already mentioned there are some lovely drives in the area.

Graeme & Christine

Hi Dave
please put Dave & Julie on the list

This is local to me; bear in mind that there are TWO sites for Mathewsons - one at Thornton-le-Dale (pictures above), and one a few miles away at Pickering where most of the stock and the auctions are held. As mentioned, there is a Premier Inn only a few hundred yards away from the Pickering site.

Hello David,
We would be interested in this.
Great area .
Many thanks.
Christine and Hedley.

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Interesting idea David. Please count me in (single room only in hotels, B&Bs).


Hi Ray n Glennis would be interested in this event

Hi David , That would be a grate weekend ,and one hell of a trip for me , whats the dates of the
weekend ? does it clash with the national rally ?.
Cliff le Cras
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That’s sounds like a great weekend

Yes please. I am collecting my first mx5 tomorrow and was inspired to buy one after sitting in a mark 1 at Mathewsons. I did bid on it but couldn’t go as high as the winning bid. It’s a lovely area. Perfect for open-top motoring.

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