Battery charger

what’s the best smart charger to buy please.

Ctek.simply the best


CTEK MKS 5.0 seem to be widely recommended by almost every forum

Optimate 4

I am not going to knock the CTEK as not used one but fail to see how it can be any better than…


I’ve owned an Optimate 3 for over 15 years and recently purchased an Optimate 4 as regularly use 2 at the same time.

Would have gone for another ‘3’ but well thought of and still selling for more than I paid new 15 years ago,

Still getting used to the ‘4’ but appears to be an even better charger.

These smart chargers are to be relied on particularly if like me you leave the MX5 and motorbike sat in a cold garage unused for 4 months+ of the year.

Precious few things that make my life easier nowadays, even outperforming - the optimate charger is one of them.       

Hi Darby

Both recommendations on here are suitable for the AGM batteries originally fitted to Mx5’s

If someone has replaced it for a gel type (Typically Westco) they will also perform well.

They are also good for lead acid batteries but these batteries are less well suited to MX5’s, the original Panasonic AGM Battery is the best compromise of cost, quality, performance and safety.

I opted for the CTEK simply because it could charge a larger range of AH capacity batteries.

But both are good buys.


Let’s not, in this new year, get all caught up in a tit for tat, this is better than that,

and that is better than this.


They’re both very good, and reassuringly expensive.


Mine’s reassuringly cheap (£13.95) and does a similar job. Not always widely available but grab them when in stock at Aldi.

I found this thread very helpful when trying to decide what battery charger to get as post lockdown my MX5’s battery is vey flat.

I thought I’d share the extra info I recieved when I asked Optimate for a recommendation as I have several vehicles - in short looks like the model 4 mentioned above is a good choice for a MX5, but if you want to use it with other vehicles that have a bigger battery their model 6 is probably a better choice.

They also do a solar powered one that looks neat.

From OptiMate:

The OptiMate 4 has been a popular charger for the MX5 but it may be a little under powered for your other vehicles. The OptiMate 4 can only really maintain a battery up to 75Ah.

You could consider the OptiMate 6 which has an AmpMatic microprocessor which automatically diagnoses your battery’s condition and sets the optimal charge current and program. This makes it an ideal charger if you have multiple batteries of different sizes and conditions.