Battery required any alternative to the Panasonic, it’s got to be the correct size

I have a mk1 1.6 which needs a new battery, any recommendations & where to get it from.

mx5parts sell both the Panasonic:
and the alternative (which is what I have on my mk1) Westco:

Other than those you’ll be hard pressed to find one of the correct dimensions as even the sites that claim their other brands fit tend not to when you compare dimensions.

The original Panasonic battery on our mk2.5 lasted for about 13 years. We then replaced it with a “Westco” equivalent, (it was a few pounds cheaper), that managed to last for 1 month passed the 12 month warranty before dying. We ended up getting a “standard” / small lead acid battery for about £45. I did need to modify the vent pipes to fit, but it worked fine and came with a 3 year warranty.

…so I would steer well clear of the Westco "equivalent, and either by another Panasonic, or just go the “cheap” route with as standard, (cheap) lead acid battery with a 3 year warranty.

If you go the “cheap route” make sure it is properly vented or it will be more expensive in the long run as the fumes cause corrosion of the boot. Buy the Panasonic!!

Avoid Westco, inferior to the Panasonic.
With our two 5’s over 16 years, SWMBOs year 2002 Panasonic is still doing it’s job well, I went through 2 Westcos in my Mk1 before going back to Panasonic.
Lesson learned.

There is this battery, calcium, so no gas isuses. But it makes the Panasonic look cheap.

‘Calcium’ batteries are still lead acid batteries, They use calcium instead of antimony in the plates to reduce gassing and improve performance. They still produce some gas and the important point in the MX5 installation is venting outside the car.

Strangely, the battery in the Jag is also in the boot. Only Jaguar say its fine to fit a normal battery. And all the replacement batteries come with vent tubes, though in many of them, they are plugged, and you just have to swap the hose connectors…

Yuasa AGM battery

Bosch lead acid; look carefully, it does have fittings for vent tubes (you need to add the male part, just a washer hose connector)

Another with vent tubes

I’m not sure if its that there are more batteries now with vent tube fittings, or there was an urban myth for many years. But back to the original determinants; height of battery and terminal orientation.

If they do one of the correct dimensions, get an AGM (absorbed glass mat) Yuasa.
They have a very high cold cranking amperage and can even be used on their side.
Halford sell them, so 10% discount to club members.