BBR 175 Alternative builds

Hi Guys,

I’ve been looking at the BBR 175 package for my MX5 NC 3.5 (1.8)
Has anyone put together a similar package using other bits and a map? I’m assuming the costs will be lower, but its more getting down there for a day that would be an issue.


Talk to Clive at Autotronix Sheffield. He does the race cars and the mapping for Roddison’s
His facebook page

Morning, okay cheers I’ll give him a shout.

Has anyone else got any other builds on a 1.8? I know the gains are only slight but interested to see what others have achieved

Cheers Chris

Speaking as someone who has studied the MZR/Duratec engines in great detail i’d advise you to leave well alone.
It does not give good power and torque compared to the 2.0 and never will. It isn’t due to having 200cc less, it’s just not as good an engine by design.
Leave it alone and buy a 2.0 if you want to go quicker, the lack of response to this thread is very telling!

I thought that may be the case, I inherited the car from my dad so can’t let it go. Would an engine swap be worth it?

No-one can answer that apart from you.
If it’s a good shell and you are emotionally invested in it then do it, but from a monetary POV it isn’t worth it.
It’s your choice.