BBR 200 NC 3.75 vs ND 2 2.0

Does anyone have experience of both and can offer an objective view of how each one drives vs the other?

How is the BBR on seat of the pants power delivery, with roughly 15 BHP (quoted) more than the ND2 ?

The ND2 tries to destroy the horizon (in MX-5 power terms) in 4th gear, where does the BBR come alive, is it in a usable part of the range?

I don’t own a BBR 200 but their output achievements are gained at very high revs with modified cams installed.
The max bhp is at the top of an extended rev range so I’d say for road application, it’s not exactly a “usable part of the range”. It literally howls at 6500/7200 revs+.
Track running - no problem but to have to wring the neck of your car to achieve it on the road would become tedious.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic package and I’m not knocking it at all.

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I went from a NC 3.5 to an ND2, the handling and steering feel is much improved.

Both cars (imho) are a little soft from factory and really need basic mods such as springs and back box. Maybe Mazda will do a more sporty spec in the future, something akin to the Yaris circuit pack.

I have just ordered an ND 2.0 with the optional factory sports springs and optional sports exhaust. Anyone know if they are worth it? As its a new car I do not want to start putting non standard parts on as it would mess up the warranty etc… I know I would have wanted a cobalt back box, but thought I would try the factory one, but I know it is a lot more. However to be fair I have not even drive a standard car, so I have no idea what it sounds like!!

I can definitely say the “sports springs” supplied by Mazda are a good idea. They are the same as the Eibach ones I had fitted to mine after I’d bought it, and “yes” to my mind they certainly improve the road-holding and handling without compromising the ride. I’m not into “sporty” exhausts so I can’t comment thereon.

Springs and exhaust are definitely worth it.

Thanks guys, I was not sure, but I have heard that many people want to upgrade the normal springs and exhaust, so thought that it would be a sensible way to go.

The reason for an MX5 is engagement with the drive and hopefully this will give even more!

I’ve driven both a 3.5 NC Super 200 and currently own a ND 1 Super 200 so can’t comment on the standard NC 2 but both have their own plus points.

Both NC and ND ran Ohlins and Team Dynamics so like for like very even comparison.

NC felt a bit more fun, more playful. Steering feel is better on the NC, but ND is lighter so feels faster than NC. Both engines feel fantastic, especially if you add the BBR exhaust. Both will rev out to about 7,500rpm and there is definitely a strong pull higher up the Rev range, but will still happily pull strongly at lower revs.

One big difference is you’ve got to be trying really hard to get the ND to go below 30mpg, at a cruise it can crack 40mpg at ease, whereas the NC is miles off that.

Other major difference is the refinement. ND in a different league compared to the NC (roadster). ND so much more refined as well as a far better cabin.

But purely judged as driving machines, both are great, especially if you take them to BBR!


Definitely recommend the springs with the Bilstein, much improved the composure and the look of the car. We went cobalt, then BBR full system when we upgrade to BBR220