BBR 200 Review

So, had the BBR super 200 fitted to my Kendo NC about 6 weeks ago now and have to say Im very very happy with the result. 

At the beginning of this episode I was contemplating selling it and buying an Abarth 595 competizione as a fun drivers car to take its place and an Aygo I use to go to work in during the week.

I actually test drove the Abarth and it was quick and rather fun, but somewhat severe comfort wise.

The power in the Abarth is instant in that you hit the pedal and shoot forward at pace. My MX5 now feels similar although the real change kicks in at 3500 to 4500 revs. then the fun really starts.

I now find myself driving differently, whereas before I drove with an eye on the rev. counter trying to keep the revs. low and actually change up at about 4000 rev. now when I drive Im keeping the revs. hovering at around the 4000 mark and when I can changing down and flooring it, the acceleration is exhilarating. 

Naughty I know, but there is a dual carriageway on one of my regular routes and as an experiment so to speak, when on several occasions had a ‘tasty’ car on my bumber (it’s what some of them do)

I’ve floored it to see if they can keep up or indeed as their driving would suggest, overtake, so far none have. This experimentation has now stopped for obvious reasons, but all the same the new performance is impressive.

If anyone is contemplating having it done I would thoroughly recommend it.

Many thanks to Neil and his gang at BBR.

Thanks for the review. The BBR 200 mod does sound like a decent upgrade.

Got any local buddies with a new ND2? Would be very interested to know how the BBR200 fares against the stock ND2 184PS in a roll race, err, sorry “experiment”. :slight_smile:


Can this be done to an ND1 RF. As BBR is just about to reopen do we have any idea of costs. I like the sound of this

be interested to know a rough idea before I make contact.




From their website…

BBR ND SUPER 200 (2.0-litre ND models only) +45bhp & 26lb.ft - 5.65s 0-60     The Super 200 upgrade

£2,195.00 | £2,634.00 inc VAT

I have my ND booked in to have the Super 220 done in a couple of weeks time, really looking forward to it.
Can I just ask, for declaring to insurance, did you say “BBR 200” or list what bits have been fitted? I need to ring my insurance and I am sure if I say I am having BBR 220 package done, they won’t have a clue.

I rang my insurance company (Churchill) and told them that I was having the work done, told them it was called the super 200 and that it was Mazda approved which BBR states on their website.

In reality all they really wanted to know was the power increase after the work was done, which added £30 to my premium, well worth it. 


Thx Jeff - that is good to know :slight_smile:

I invested in the BBR 200 , Koni suspension and upgraded rims and tyres on an NC which was used on road and on a few track days. Driven by my son at the Bedford track, he passed 27 cars (safely) in one session, the last time we went there. Very quick through the bends, and plenty of poke on the straights. Now sadly replaced by a Polo GTI. ?? But I’ve still got an NB. ??

Jeff - I contacted my insurance company - there then followed several emails asking for every single thing the Super 220 comprises of, plus the other stuff I am having done.  I sent them the full list, and the details of what the power increase is (and the from x to y) … I started to think they were going to refuse to cover it as they seemed to keep coming back with more questions…

Then they came back - my premium goes up by £14.80 with a £19.50 admin charge …so just over £30!  Very happy at that 



Glad you got it sorted, be sure to come back & let us know what you think. (i’ve P.Md you)