BBR 220 - 2.0 litre ND2

I was wondering if anybody has had the BBR 220 conversion done to their ND2. If so, could they share their experiences relating to:

  1. Insurance premium impact?

  2. Impact on fuel consumption at normal speeds (not when utilising the added performance !)?


Hi - yes, I have had it done. I did write a few words about it in Reader’s Rides (Tigger).

It is fantastic - really recommend it.

Impact on insurance was tiny (about £40 IIRC) and my fuel economy, despite me driving more enthusiastically now as it goes and sounds so good - has only dropped by about 0.3mpg.  Bearing in mind that I had only covered 1800 miles before the work, so spent the first 500 miles under 3,000 rpm - I actually think the mpg difference would perhaps be slightly better if I was driving the same.



Hi Ultraviolet.

Thank you for your very informative response. I am extremely tempted!

I really should have also asked how this impacted on the warranty of a car still under the manufacturers warranty. Did you still have to take the BBR warranty as well and is there a clearly defined split between items covered by the two. I am asking this because (from experience) if the situation arose where there was a need for a claim, if it is not clearly defined each warranty provider could claim it is the responsibility of the other warranty provider and a stalemate results.

Armed with enough information I may be able to convince the wife that the BBR 220 conversion is economically justifiable .


I didn’t worry about the warranty simply as I knew that there was no way I was waiting until 3yrs had passed before I did it - I wanted to start enjoying my car with the BBR improvements as soon as possible - that way, I get more of my money’s worth 

I really am very happy with it - 222bhp, 190 at the wheels and peak torque coming in lower than with the stock car. Driving ‘normal’ on the daily commute, in traffic - no tiring drone or any negatives - but a little more throttle and it just sounds more purposeful, and then when you do want to press on, it makes you grin like a loon. No-one expects an MX-5 to take off like this does. Great fun 


If you did have any issues with insurance at all then please feel free to drop me a line.




There’s a review in this months EVO mag.