BBR GT Backbox Fail

I will be brief. When I got the Sport Black just over a year ago the first thing I did was have the BBR Super200 upgrade installed and at the same time transfer the Sports exhaust system over from the previous car. Shortly afterwards there was a recurring problem with the backbox hanger welds splitting and a few months ago BBR fitted a new-style GT backbox (at a substantial discount) and all was well and good; deeper tone, but louder than the predecessor. Then the offside tailpipe fell off. OK, I thought, could just be a one-off failure and with a replacement fitted I relaxed.

I was on the way to a track day at Castle Combe today and the nearside pipe detached itself, thankfully before I got to the M4, but not before some old git in a Mk1 Micra ran over over it just before I could recover it.

Point 1: Butt-welding a tailpipe on to the side of a backbox is never going to work long-term.

Point 2: It’s obviously not welded properly in the first place.

Point 3: Really pissed-off as the tip had just been ceramic-coated in black.

BBR GT Backbox Fail


BBR GT Backbox Fail

BBR GT Backbox Fail

I had a similar issue with a Remus system years ago. Stainless steel welds are brittle and can crack easily. In my case someone kicked the exhaust to damage it, and the tail pipe snapped off at the silencer. The Remus, like this BBR, had an oversized piece of trim fitted to it.

Presumably the exhaust is under guarantee. I wouldn’t blame a Micra owner, irrespective of their age, for running over debris lying in the road. If it had damaged his car, he would be entitled I think to claim against you.

Ten out of 10 for BBR customer service. Got a call from Neil this morning to let me know that the new batch of GT back boxes had just arrived. I was at BBR just before 1pm and on the way home by 1.45pm. Neil was incredibly apologetic and according to his PA she had never heard him so angry as when he spoke to the supplier last night…

All sorted, apart from getting the new tailpipe ceramic-coated in black by Zircotec to match the other one; BBR, or rather its supplier, will be covering the cost. 

Excelllent result.

Also happy your dodgy 'zorst did not bounce & penetrate the hapless Micra driver’s windshield.


Having driven behind you for an hour or two a few weeks ago, and enjoyed the notes from it, even at three hundred yards, today I wished I had something similar to keep the Fiesta that was tailgating me a bit further back.  She was playing this unbelievably loud booming bass tuneless ‘music’, and chatting to her friend instead of watching the road.  The bass was so loud it gave me a headache in only about five minutes; what was it like inside her car? 

I would not get a headache from the tunes on that super 'zorst!