BBR Sport 200

Hi, does anyone have any more recent experience of insuring tuned 5s than the thread that goes back to 2015? Life’s too short to hang on the phone waiting for someone at Adrian Flux! Reis were very efficient but their price was almost 4x my current premium, Lancasters seem to get a panning on here, are there any quality insurers/brokers worth approaching?

I’m with Admiral and have never insured a tuned (engine) car before with them. My last NC had been lowered with additional mods such as exhaust back box, a change of alloys and head unit. They were pretty cool about those and TBH the cost of such changes on the premium were negligible.
The latest NC has a reported 180bhp tune a change of manifold and centre pipe + back box. Also Meister suspension fitted (lowered) So a little more to report to the insurers when changing cars. Given the newer NC 2014 over the previous 2007 I didn’t think that an increase of £40 (including the fee to change vehicle) wasn’t too bad of an increase. Btw I’m well over retirement age and I think it also helps having s multi car policy including home insurance with them.

LV were ok about my suspension and wheel changes, and iirc there was some tick boxes relating to chip changes/power increases, and as long as the increase was less than a given percentage (20%?) they were happy to insure. The increased premium cost of my suspension work was negligible. Their level of cover and extras appears to be excellent too.
They may be worth a try.

Greenlight all the way, my ND is extensively modified (circa 55 mods last time I checked) and runs the BBR Turbo, the cost considering the power hike was very competitive. I wouldn’t touch Lancaster with a barge pole.

I’m surprised that out quotation seems so high compared to your current premium.
If you wanted to PM me you details I’d be happy to take another look at your quotation to see if there is anything else we can do.

Hi Dan, i havent got a quote from you, it took too long to be connected to a human.


I’ve used A-Plan at Thatcham ( specifically that branch) for my kit cars over the years. Today insured a BBR 185…

obvs location/age will affect, but for ref - late 50’s, clean license, south east - insured no claims bonus etc
was £260 pa.

Adrian Flux was comfortably the cheapest quote and easiest to deal with when I upgraded my car. Other firms either refused to insure me (for very mild mods), quoted silly money or insisted on absurd annual mileage limits.

I’m also with LV. my ND is BBR 220 modified with exhaust, suspension and brake upgrades. All declared and If I recall uplift was only around £15 mid policy.

I am with Performance Direct (underwritten by LV I think) for insuring my ND Super 220. They were the cheapest and most flexible by far. They were about £150 cheaper than Adrian Flux and they will also insure you for track days. I also have my campervan insured with them :grinning:

Thanks everyone for your replies. I’ll try all of the suggestions. I’ve already received a quote from Performance Direct, it’s so cheap it makes me wonder about their claims service! Problem is, online reviews focus on the buying process, I can’t find any reviews of their claims service. I’m going to try LV direct, rather than via PD.

  • for A-plan as I do a multi car policy with them as they operate the TR register club insurance.

Another vote for A Plan for unmodified MX5 + Audi Q2 + Caterham with lots of engine mods. All on one policy. Easy to speak to a person.

Sorry to hear that.
If you did want a quotation please feel free to PM me your contact details I’d be happy to arrange for one of my quotes team to give you a call back if you wish.

A Plan at Thatcham for me as well,. Top insurance broker. I have 3 performance cars with them, never had a claim but others I know that have had to claim were dealt with efficiently.

I arranged insurance today for a Super 200 ND. It took a while. I tried Greenlight first but ended up using A-Plan. A-Plan was much cheaper than Greenlight, included breakdown cover for a modified vehicle, and was great to deal with.

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