BBR super 200 advice ????

Hi all, I have a MK3 sport BBR super 200,


I did have and MX5parts back box BUT with the BBR Manifold it was WAY to loud and boomy, Im now back to the standard exhaust with BBR tips with looks GREAT but doesn’t too much louder than stock…


Ive been looking at induction kits like the K&N etc to give a bit more roar BUT I cant seem to find much info regarding them and the difference to sound they make on a MK3 ???


it brings me here to ask the help and advice from you experts ???



Kind Regards Dave

If you have gone to the trouble of getting a BBR conversion or have bought a car with one, the experts on these cars would be BBR,


I had the conversion done… I have asked them and they told me there were NO power gains on the MK3 hence why it wasn’t part of their super 200 kit, In fact there 300bhp turbo conversion is still fine on the VERY good standard air box…


Im purely looking for a better sound and on that subject they wasn’t able to offer any advice








Arrrrrrr the experts them selfs lol


Would LOVE the the rest of the BBR exhaust but funds aint going to allow it at the moment Neil… In terms of fitting an Open cone filter, is the recalibration really needed, I only ask as your twos hours away  




The concern would be inaccuracy in the MAF readings with different tubing , ie risk of running lean. 


Mmmm good point… 


I guess you kinda get that mind set that 99% of people would just fit and induction kit and NEVER give a thought to getting MAF readings checked lol…



Mine’s booked in for the Super 200 conversion in four weeks time and I’ve specified the 2.5in sports cat centre section — which is a good job as the current one has just started blowing; why couldn’t it have hung on for a few more weeks! — but I’m going to try it with the Larini backbox currently fitted first; it just sounds so damn good. I have a feeling it’s going to be too loud and will probably end up having the BBR box fitted; it’s a good compromise having heard it in action. I would advise against going the cone filter route as the standard airbox with a high-flow filter panel is hard to beat on a Mk3. Save up for the BBR sports backbox would be my advice (I have no connection with BBR, by the way, just my opinion)…

I know it’s been a few years but I’ll ask anyway. I have a Larini back box fitted and am booked in at BBR for the 200 upgrade, was it too noisy and did you take it off?

Hello buddy…

I ended up fitting the BBR GT rear box and the sound was SPOT on :+1:t2:

I got as far as Beaconsfield Services, pulled off and rang Neil at BBR to place an order for a GT back box. Larini sounded great, but way, way too loud…

Thanks for the replies gents. I really hope the Larini isn’t too loud for me as it’d kill me to take it off.

I have the BBR Super 200 upgrade and run with a BBR GT back box. Nice sporty note when you give it the beans and not boomy or excessively loud at motorway cruising speeds.

Was it alright pottering about town and just noisy under load, or loud all the time?

Just loud and seriously intrusive cruising at motorway speed. :nerd_face:

Still very loud quarter of a mile away behind him… :mega:

Fine inside the car, all the noise gets chucked out the back… :joy:

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Yes its fine around town