BBR Super 200 ND

Well, after much man maths, I have booked my 5 in for a Super 200 conversion at BBR.

I’ll post photos / impressions here when I get it back but it’s booked in W/C 14th Sept so I have a while to wait yet.

ND 2.0 Sport Nav
Co Durham


It seems like an excellent super mod that.
I’ve given buckets of thought of that
to my recently acquired NC but I think perhaps I’ll aim towards refining/modding the suspension first (whilst I eat bread and milk and put some cash aside)
Looking forward to your result…

I’m tempted with the 160 for my 1.5 but I am worried about the warranty implications

Mine is out of warranty now.

Did you wait until then?

Not intentionally, I bought the car used so not worried about warranty.

Got the car back tonight. Will post a more detailed report soon but initial reaction is just wow, what a difference.


How are you getting on with your Super 200 Perazzi? What did you get done?

Standard super 200 kit per the BBR website.
Basically the car feels like I have always thought it should feel. The exhaust note is characterful without being too loud or annoying. The power delivery is lovely and smooth through the rev range all the way to the 7.5k limit. It feels more adjustable in corners simply because the power is there where you need it. The taller limit makes the car more versatile because you don’t have to choose between running out of revs or changing up too early.

I haven’t tested the 0-60 time but it certainly feels 2 seconds quicker.

In summary, it’s great.


Nearly a year ago now, how u getting on with the car buddy?

Love it. Unfortunately circumstances mean I’m not driving it. Combination of factors but it adds up that I’m going to have to sell it as I can no longer justify running it as a toy that I don’t drive.

If I had a garage and more money I would keep it, but I need a daily driver that has more seats and a bigger boot. :disappointed:

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Nder— their last post was 5 minutes ago.

The ND gearbox and adding something which increases torque.

Enough said.

I did that and bought a 3, nice car but it lasted 18 months before I sold it and bought another 5 :rofl:

Better to have loved and lost, than never loved at all!

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