Beaulieu Photo Shoot

 Here are 3 pages of pics taken at this event
Also navigate to Personal Pages then Cars & Motoring to find pics of other events.


 Thats a great few pages of photos, and really interesting looking back at the event

It was a great day wasnt it, put it in the diary for next year its already booked for June

Was a great day and even the weather was kind too.

Hope you checked out Bobs other MX5 pages on the same website.


Shame that the photos were not taken with the house as a backdrop. Planet MX-5 took their photos later on in the day the other way round. Should mention that this was not an OC event, and that Planet managed to get all the UK LTD editions there for the photo shoot - something that the OC have never achieved. This is not a dig at the OC, just a reminder that a few of us think that recent events have let us down.

 In fairness this event was actually a combined effort from all areas by members of both forums and will continue to be so into the next rally in June 2010.

We did have major support from both the OC, Planet, and the STHT editorial team in helping make the day the spectacular event it turned out to be.

Planets pictures were just a case of being in the right place at the right time and down to the quick thinking of some of its members.

I have to say the anniversary year is begining to feel a little dissapointing, but heres to hoping that they manage to pull the “phoenix from the flames” at mallory park!