Beautiful Mk1 door handles

Those that have known me on these forums for a while will know that my avatar has always been a picture of a door handle from my Eunos VR-Limited.  

Since the MX-5 was introduced in 1989, I’ve always admired the elegance and simplicity of that door handle design - a quite unnecessary but bejewelled little touch of gorgeousness, and a shape echoed in many other details of the car - the front sidelight units, the intake mouth, the side reflectors, and the inner door handles.  We may take them for granted now, but as this article in the current issue of TOTAL MX5 contends, they make “…an inexpensive sports car seem special and considered”.



What Mazda North America did for the 20th Anniversary



Look carefully













As a detail, they’re lovely - the obvious homage to the NA.  Not sure it entirely works on an NC though - they look a little ‘lost’.  

Beautiful black chrome finish (something I contemplated for my Eunos) - and keyless!  

Thanks saz.