Bedford Autodrome South West Circuit

 Hi all ,

owned my 92 Eunos Roadster for a month now and just loving it .

As a great way of learning the cars ( and my) limits have just booked a track evening at Bedford Autodromes South West circuit on the 18th June.

Anyone else been to bedford ?Anyone else going on the 18th? How did your 5 perform ? Will standard 1.6 brakes be up to the job ?Any general tips or helpful pointers you can give me and my missus two nervous but excited track day virgins .

 Bedford is a great place to explore your car i did a MOT event there. loads of run off and a great surface as well.

what company is doing that event on the 18th. Im off that day umm could be a birthday present since i have some r888 to use.

Standard brakes will be fine there. just like any track day take the first hour slow and build your self up.

o and have fun


Would strongly recommend that if they are offering any tuition you take as much as you can get (or afford), especially if it’s your first time on track. This will really help you learn the lines of the circuit more quickly, which means you’ll get more enjoyment out of the event, plus it will hopefully help improve your driving technique. Driving on a circuit is quite different to driving on the road. Which sounds obvious, but even extends to when you naturally turn into a corner; most road drivers turn in far too early…

Start easy and build yourself up, and - the briefing will tell you this anyway - don’t forget to do a cool down lap before you come back in, to help your brakes recover/avoid catching on fire!

Most important of all - have fun!

 just don’t get the red mist there only one bit of armco at bedford and if you hit that you doing blood well and you were defo doing somthing wrong.

yer i always forget about Tuition ive had Nick D or steve in my car who are top drivers and help me out a fair bit on better lines or if im putting the power down to early

 Thanks for your tips guys , me and my wife had already decided to get some tuition early in the evening .

Ollie the event is run by MSV ,you mentioned your birthday its actually my birthday that day and the wifes on the 20th so its our present for each other .

Let me know if your going be good to meet up .

One of the most important things to remember are the extra stresses and strains your car will be experiencing throughout the day. Make sure you check all your fluids are topped up, your brake pads have plenty of meat left and your tyres are not excessively worn, damaged and are running the correct pressures. If you can, it’s never a bad idea to change the oil and flush the cooling system before hand. Have a great day and beware, it’s an addictive and expensive habitCool 

 Hi Smudge

We will be there on Friday. Look forward to meeting you both.  Bedford is a brilliant first time track.

did the south west circuit on the M3 track day, is a fantastic track, the last chicane is scary though!.. have fun :slight_smile:


Alex (tlepkowska) look foward to meeting u on friday. Great to know there will be another 5 there  .

Look out for us 1992 Eunos roadster Mariner Blue .