Before and After photo




I could have sworn there was another red one just like ours over there a minute ago !!!





Great shots. The things that people will do to avoid queueing to get out of the car park! It was a really memorable day. I do think that the team of people marshalling the arrivals did a remarkable job. They keep the constant stream of cars moving very smoothly. Even when the field was full to bursting they started filling the gaps left by early leavers. Hats off to all involved in the event. That’s going to take some beating in future years.

 Great pictures,I hope you left the key under the mat before you left!   LOL

Great pictures Big Smile

Wish I could have been there Cry

 Smashin Big Smile

Nicely done, BFG

We were last GROUP to quit. It was great to take shots with lots and then with barely any.

BEFORE: Saturday evening

Sunday evening:

I remember the red un being left as we exited stage right