Before I make a fool of myself

I would really some advice about whether I should enter my car into one of the class competitions at the National Rally.


A few members may know my car (and me) but I genuinely don’t know whether I would be wasting my time and judges time by entering. 


If I were to enter I am unsure of the class the car would be classified?


The car is not a daily driver so that negates that particular class.


But do I enter standard or modified?


My car is standard other than (replaced bilsteins for standard mazda shocks and springs, updated the radio, hood frame is from a MK2). Otherwise the car is a standard c 25 year old S Ltd.


Please be gentle with your replies. 



“Light Modification” class?

I’m not being sarcastic - go to “search” - enter “national rally entry classes” in the bottom box hit the enter button and all will be revealed.

I’ve never entered any competition but when attending a rally having a look around the cars entered is always on the list. The most disappointing aspect is when a small number of cars are entered. In some cases an entry will win best in class but it is a hollow victory as they are the only entry. To the best of my knowledge the scores are not widely reported so there is no shame involved if you don’t win. You will get a copy of the scoring sheet.

So what are the possible outcomes? Best outcome you win. Worst outcome the winner is best out of x+1 rather than best out of x. Plus you get to know where you could improve for next time. Whatever outcome the rally has more to see for the visitors.

How many times do you see some great looking cars in the car park on your walk to the rally entry point?

Just do it.

You still have it then Grant? Be good to see it win something.


Yes indeed. Spent a fair few bob on the car as well.

Its in a good condition. Doing my best to keep it as best I can and whilst my health allows.


Hows the Brabus?

I was going to sell my s-limited in spring but decided to hang onto it for another year just to be sure. I’m now considering selling the brabus next year. 

It’s been reliable, fun and different but the s-ltd is easier to live with, a lot cheaper to run and undoubtedly a better drive. 


Please keep in touch.


It would never be a waste of time.

The club always welcomes entries from anyone and everyone and the very fact you would bother to make the effort to get it into the show at all would be much appreciated by all those who visit.

Without people like you, it would just be a group of cars meeting in a field…

Do it I entered mine at Goodwood never done it before and didn’t get anywhere but had a great day and as already said you get a score sheet to make your car even better, I have entered mine for Ragley and have been very busy sorting out bits I got marked down on but I am now running out of time as I go in for surgery in two weeks and will not be able to do anything else before the rally 

Definitely do it!  

As long as you don’t take it too seriously and have some fun, then why not?  You may already have a stunning, class-winning car, in which case - hooray!  If not, then you’ll pick up some serious pointers as to how your car could be ‘improved’ for next time.  Again, don’t take these to heart - you’ll lose points for dust in inaccessible corners of the engine bay bulkhead, condensation inside a light unit, and all sorts of other nonsense.

I enter, and have done alright. The comps are motivation to me to achieve, and maintain, the standard I like to keep my car in. So I take the prep really seriously, as it’s a means to an end - but don’t lose any sleep about the results.

Have a go! - you’ll find we’re (mostly) a friendly and helpful bunch - oftentimes helping each other out with tips and hands-on help.  See you at Ragley Hall ??

PS Standard class means that the car has had no mods or accessories, other than Mazda-supplied stuff. That includes al visiblel service items such as oil filter, exhaust, audio etc.

Yes - do it! As long as you enjoy it, have some fun and don’t take it too seriously, then why not? 

You certainly won’t be wasting anyone’s time - new entrants are always warmly welcomed.  You may already have a class-winning car, in which case Hooray!  If not, you’ll end up with fairly comprehensive score sheets detailing how you can ‘improve’ your car for next time. You may lose points for dust in inaccessible corners of the engine bay bulkhead, condensation in the light units, minor scratches on the sill cover plates, and much other such nonsense. Don’t take any of it to heart 

I’ve been entering my Eunos for a few years, and have done alright. I don’t take the results (and some of the inevitable carping) at all seriously - but I do take the prep very seriously - for me the comps are motivation to achieve and maintain my car to the standard that pleases me - no one else, so it’s a means to an end.

We’re (mostly) a very friendly and helpful bunch - you’ll get lots of well-meaning suggestions for improvement if it’s your first time - as well as some practical hands-on help from fellow competitors if you’re lucky.  Join us! - see you at Ragley Hall ?? - and Good Luck.


PS ‘Standard’ class means as it came out of the factory, with any mods or accessories such as audio, lights, wheels etc using only Mazda-supplied parts. That includes all visible service items such as oil filter, HT leads, exhaust.

    Best wishes for your surgery. I hope it goes well.



Thank you everyone.

I have completed a competition entry form.