Bent timing belt cover?

While changing a camcover (well halfway through it, leaving paint on  the cover to cure for a week), noticed the cover for the cambelt (backing plate) seemed to be bent over. Not noticed this before, so before I start straightening it out, is it meant to be like this?


Sorry can not help you there, Would have had a look at mine but she is in the body shop at the moment.

I will reply tomorrow going to look at a Mk1 then.

I’d be surprised if yours left the factory like that, looks like it would interfere with the gasket surface.

It was straight on mine, a late 1.8 NA.

My 1.6 was not bent, 


Should be flat, see pic. Hope you used etch primer on the cover.


Thanks for the inputs.

Painted camcovers before, no need for etch primer the way I am doing it.