Berkeley's at Chatsworth

 A great day out well done Peaks and Pennines.

It was lovely to see all the great cars there but in particular a good representation of Berkeley’s, we counted 9 in total including my own. If you saw somebody nosing around it was probably us.

In case you have one and were there the one’s spotted were no’s. 40, 41, 46, 60, 88, 161, 193, 234 and 373. I think we got them all but apologies if we’ve missed any. They all looked in great condition and well looked after. It was noticeable that everybody has or was suffering from various degrees of wood trim delamination, most still had the plastic top layer in place one had been totally removed and one looked to have had a replacement fitted.

If you are the owner of no.41 (I think) please get in touch as the replacement trim looked a lovely dark colour and I would like to know where you got it. All of the replacement kits I have seen whilst looking great when fitted are a bit lighter than the original.


Altho’ a mk3 owner i adore the Berkeleys so if you saw a bod in a red welsh hat drooling that was me Thumbs up

oh… ETA: just found this in my pics

Look familiar? Clapping hands in the air

If you need me to sort your no. plate please let me know

 Nice photo you can just see the smiles on our faces. Good Job

 Hey there. I am the owner of Berkeley number 41 and im afraid to say the trim is completely original so i cant help you find any replacement! I am very fortunate to own a perfectly original mint Berkeley and i am trying my best to keep it that way. I admit that I had a bit of a snoop at the other Berkeleys and it was really nice to see a such a good turn out. I noticed a couple with deteriorated trim and i am assuming its sun damage?? Its something ill have to keep an eye on I think. The only thing I would suggest is setting up a favourite search on ebay for any Berkeleys that are going for spares. I recently picked up some original kick plates and Berkeley badges which im keeping in case i need them in the future!

 Storm20030 - thanks for replying you are indeed fortunate to have the original trim in such superb condition it looked beautiful there can’t be many examples of original trim of that age in such good condition. As you say I shall have to look out for for a Berkeley being broken.

 I could not make Chatsworth, but I have a  Eunos SR LTD in sparke green does anyone know of any in the the Uk? I know of one other in Chesterfield area.



This thread is worthless without pics!Big Smile

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