Best all weather car cover?

Hi all
Looking to buy a new car cover.
Can anyone give me some feedback please as to the best all weather cover to purchase.

Thanks in advance


Shield Autocare MAZDA MX-5 MX5 05-O Fully Waterproof Car Covers - Cotton Lined - Heavy Duty

…we got this one and have been really pleased with it…(may need an extra “strap” around the middle of the car for very high winds…)

A free one is best. A friend of mine had an Audi TT, but as he sold the Audi, he had no need for the cover. It actually fits the MX5 perfectly. Even the wing mirrors slot into place in the ‘pockets’ built in to the cover for that purpose.

Thank you guys.
I have bought a Stormforce all weather cover from Mx5 parts. 2 year guarantee. Arrived today. Happy chappy now​:+1::blush:

Hello, I have bought an exterior car covers from classic additions, have been amazing, car is in the road all year with cover and the paint is in great condition​:grin: also one for the interior for the other mx5 in the garage :grin: