Best car protective coating

I have read about these ceramic coatings etc to protective paint work etc.
What is the best ?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __
  2. I’m based near: __
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __


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What do it yourself?

Not sure how it holds up or compares to other products (havent had a chance to apply it yet) but I just got some DIY Autoglym UHD ceramic coating for £45 on amazons.

If you didn’t want to prep and apply it yourself (I’m in two minds myself) most detailers seem to have it as an option, but expect £120+ ontop of a clean from what I’ve seen.

Yeah it’s easy to apply just make sure you’re very thorough

I’ve tried a couple other brands like auto finesse etc but (theirs particularly) I found to be nowhere near as good as gtechniq in terms of durability

From what I can see there are 3 levels:

  1. A professional coating such as Gtechniq or Modesta, applied by a pro detailer for approx £500 and they will machine polish your paint to remove swirls. These last 5 years with correct wash maintenance.

  2. Apply a semi pro coating yourself, assuming your paint isn’t heavily swirled, prep it carefully, clay bar, decontaminate for tar and iron etc. Something like Car Pro UK 3.0 for approx £40.

  3. Just use a spray on coating enhanced with ceramic or grapheme something like Turtle Wax hybrid coating for just £18

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This is Gtechniq, professionally applied.


Looks great what was the cost?

Costs depend on how much paint correction is required. My car took nearly a week, the Black roof was a mess of swirls
I had the work done here in March 2019, prices can be found on the website.

I think mine cost around £850.