best local service garages ?

 I would like to know where the best place to have normal servicing done, other than the main agent.  My car is a 2.5  18i   2001 sport.  I look forward to your recomendations     Mik b       PS:     Northampton Area  please.

 Never heard of Harpole but Google informs me it`s Northamptonshire???

If so 5 Speed in Nottingham would be a good choice but have a look through this thread for more options.

I`m in Luton & travelled 90 miles to get mine serviced & Waxoyled at Autolink, Southampton.,+Northampton&cid=13222963246971302546

Yardley hastings garage, best garage iv ever been too, they charge very little for their labour and they are fantastic guys. Proof is in the popularity, I tried to book it in on the 26th of Dec their booked up until 10th of Jan. All my family use it too.

 Thanks Wozboz,  sounds a good one Big Smile   Mik b