Best Of Show Car Competition

This is unique to the Spring Rally and something that sets a distinction between the Spring and National Rally.

Best Of Show

This category will be split between each mark and there will be a first, second and third prize available for each. There will also be two category’s, Standard and Modified, so that’s eighteen trophies up for grabs.


In this category we are looking for the most unique mix of style and performance.

This category is for cars with any level of modification. Points are awarded for the quality and uniqueness of the modifications. It is not important that the car be in the best of condition as long as the vehicle is clean and well presented.

This is a good category for those who haven’t got time to clean every nut and bolt, but are proud of there cars and want to show them off.

Bonus points are awarded for unique “one off”, custom made car parts. As well as custom graphics and paint work.


This category is all about cleanliness, the winning car would be absolutely spotless. Bonus points are awarded by way of a mileage accelerator, which is the cars age divided by the total mileage. Points are awarded from 1 to 9, looking at 8 categories such as interior, exterior, engine bay and undercarriage.

This is for cars that are almost standard, so points are only awarded for the conditions of the car not it’s modifications.

Further information such as score sheets and category definitions are available on request (

One question worth asking (well I think it is), is it going to necessary to register before the day or can I (or anyone) just turn up and enter?

Hi Drew

Parking and marshalling comes under my job description for the event, and on the day the competition area will be well signposted, so we are expecting those that decide, either in advance or on the day to enter, to simply pull into the appropriate area, where a marshall will get them parked. Hope that makes sense?

Any questions please let me know.

 No need to pre-register, just sign up on the day.

We have invited Joe Clifford the Editor of Banzai Magazine to judge the Modified section of the competition, however for those entering this category please note that judging will start very soon after the Rally opens at 10 am. Therefore please aim to get there on time so that we can direct you to the correct parking area.

Competition details bumped…

Hopefully there are some of you out there that will be entering your pride and joy into the competition.

Please make sure you tell the parking Marshals that you are entering the competition and you will be directed to the correct area.

Would those of you planning on entering your pride and joy into the competitions please  make the marshals aware of this so that we can try and fast track you through. The rally officially opens at 10, but judging for the modified class has to start at 10 as the judge, Joe Clifford Editor of Banzai Magazine needs to be away by midday. So if you arrive before 10 let the marshals know and we will get you parked up as quickly as possible.


 A 240 mile 4 1/2 hour drive and Ive got my car to clean …all before 10 Am…

Oh My I feel a 4 oclock start coming.

Oh will we be on grass of hard standing…Need to know so I can choose the best flag support.


See Ya Sunday



Hi Alan

Sorry about the early start but its worth it to see us Southern SoftiesBig Smile.


You’ll be parked on grass.


See you Sunday