Best Oil, Air filters, spark plugs etc

I’m planning on taking my MX5 2010 1.8L to a track day soon and want to do my due diligence in making sure everything that could be an issue is dealt with in regards to engine and transmission.

What would you recommend for me to buy in regards to air filters, oil, spark plugs etc…

Let me know if I’m missing anything!


Don’t over think this. If the car is serviced properly it will take a track day in its stride. Don’t need to change anything. Do check oil and coolant levels, and keep an eye on them. Check brakes, and change pads if they are half worn, keep an eye on them as track use does eat brake pads. Also check your tyres. Drop pressure as they warm up, and (you guessed it) keep an eye on them during they day. Remember you need to drive home on them, so have a pump/compressor to re-inflate them as they cool down.

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