Best sort after model

At the moment I have a mk2.5 Arctic, I’ve been offered the chance to purchase a Mk 2 Icon, I’m new to the MX5 world only having had mine a year.
My question is what’s the most sort after model, both cars have the same sort of mileage the Icon is in slightly better condition. I don’t mind spending some money but would rather spend it on the most sort after model.

I’d say that the Icon is more desirable than the Arctic.

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It’s always going to be a Mk1 for me but I have always admired the “Indiana”.

As the cars get older, whilst there will be a difference in potential demand for limited editions, condition is going to be the biggest deciding factor. If the condition is the same and you are going to spend money, then the Icon, yes, but if the arctic is in better condition to start with, it is always better to have a good base car.

As arfardaley said though, MK1’s will generally be worth more in comparable condition to a Mk2 and this will probably increase as more cars get taken off the road.


Hiya Chris,

The Arctic is pretty special and looks really elegant with the 15-inch alloys.

The mk2 Icon came in 2 versions. As @Roadster_Robbie mentions, the original Icon comes with lots of goodies, but the wooden Nardi steering wheel and beige interior offset against the special paintwork (Art Vin Mica) is very desirable.

V1 - Mazda MX-5 Icon

V2 - Mazda MX-5 Icon

Would be interesting to see what you decide.

Good luck,

Personally I love the Arctic but surely the choice is yours to make rather than follow the herd ?

Thanks for the replies, I went to look at the Icon today and it would have required more work than I wanted to do.
I’ll be staying with the Arctic this summer and just do the small jobs on it this year.
I’m on the look for a supplier that does spay paint from a rattle can that does good match up’s, I’m after Razor blue code 28p if anyone knows of someone.

My local trade automotive paint supplier does that. I am sure that if you check for your nearest auto paint supplier they can do it for you and even match it to your own car. I am glad you decided to stay with your Arctic !


Have you checked both models on the How Many Left website?