Best tyres for NA on standard 14 inch alloys?

The wonderful Michelin Pilot Exalta 185/60 x 14s on my 97 NA 1.8i really have seen their best now in terms of age (I don’t do many miles in it a year but when I do - I like to make progress).

Best equivalent currently available? Personal recommendation is worth any amount number on-line reviews.

I’m on Dunlop Sport Blue Response.

They seem to perform well.

I’m not on 14" alloys as my car’s a special edition, however I have Kumho Ecsta HS51’s which have a good reputation for use with the mx-5:

I would still go Vredstein Sportrac5

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Defo Vredstein for my next choice when the Dunlops wear out.

Thanks folks. A consensus appears to be forming. I’ve had good experience of Vredstein snow tyres on a Mazda 3 but not tried their other offerings. I’m not bothered by cost given the mileages I do in the 5. The Exalatas weren’t exactly budget. Cheap and long lasting compared to sports motorcycle tyres !