Bi-xenon Projectors

Hi all


This topic might of been done before but I have seen a mod where someone has taken a bi-xenon projector and has mounted it into the headlights of a mk2.

would this be a legal setup, am only asking because I have a manual levelling system



For this to be legal, your car would need self leveling and headlamp washers.

I did have HID’s on my various 5’s and it always mean’t a debate come MOT time.

My current car (non Mazda) has Bi-Xenon’s as standard


cheers dal

how do rx8s get away with the xenon projectors? they don’t have washers, do they ?

Not sure if it’s 100% as clear cut as Dal suggests (although I’m not going to say he’s wrong :slight_smile:


From what I’ve heard in CLio circles (where they love to fit Xenons to their 1.2 Shopping editions), if the vehicle is retro-fitted with Xenon then you dont need the washers. The MOT will only look for whether existing washers are working.

However I’m pretty sure self-levelling beams are required, which could be a monumental ball ache for a Mk.2.

Would the manual levelling be any good?

So if I bought a pair of h1 bi-xenon projector housings and then split my headlight unit like this