Bilstein coilovers - worthwhile mod?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 2007 Mk3 2.0
  2. I’m based near: Batley
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: front suspension

Just had a service and learned that my Front O/S spring is broken (at the pigtail where it seats) and it looks as if the N/S has already been replaced quite recently. I’d always rather replace in pairs so, as the lower arms and bushes + discs need doing it’s going to be a biggish bill. I’m thinking I could actually get a pair of used Sport Bilsteins for £120 so why not upgrade while I’m at it? Is it worth just doing the front? (I’m thinking of doing the rear as well at some stage)

I wouldn’t replace 2 shocks with shocks that have a higher compression/rebound rate than standard. The NA Billies are fairly different from stock Showas. A chassis guru will step in, but I think stiffer shocks up frnt will induce oversteer during initial turn in due to faster weight transfer up front Or maybe not, because you are essentially trying to chassis tune using shocks.

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Thanks. Decided to replace all 4 with upgraded coilovers - possibly Bilsteins

Update - bit the bullet and replaced all 4 shocks & springs with new Bilsteins (30mm lower). Had to replace the lower front wishbones as well so, as you can imagine the bill was pretty eye-watering (about £1600 all in). I also put my winter boots on - Michelin Crossclimates.

Was it worth it? YES! The ride is better and less wallowy, it corners flatter and more accurately and it doesn’t even seem to bother the local speed bumps - I was told I’d have a problem with the “straddle” type, but not so.

BUT - the Michelins seem to squeal a lot more than my summer set of Yokohamas, probably not as grippy or is it the effect of more sipes etc? Whatever the reason, it makes me sound like a right hooligan - ah well…

I put the Bilstein’s with 30mm eibach lowering springs on my car… Love the looks, the ride quality is substantially better too.

However, I would say that the rear end feels substantially more wallowy than it did before… Much more bounce than I’d like… Wouldn’t mind them being a bit firmer.

Interesting - there’s a road near me I use as a “test strip” (fast uphill with tightening L/H bend at the top) which really exposed the suspension and ball joint wear before. Looking forward to finding how different that feels now the work’s been done.

Have you had the geometry done when you had them fitted?

Just the alignment