Bj58 hzl mx5 nc

I have recently purchased a MX5 NC from a estate of a lady who sadly passed away, She owned the car for around 2 Years, When I purchased the car it never had any Service History and I have drawn a blank with the garage she purchased it from, But had a Owners Club sticker on the window, I didn’t know if you had any record of any previous owners of my car that may be happy to talk to me regarding service history and ownership, Registration Number BJ58 HZL, Any Help would be appreciated, Regards Roger.

Usually it would be a digital service history if Mazda did it. An official Mazda garage could provide that, maybe if you had your next service from there. I wouldn’t expect them to discuss previous ownership though data protection and all that even if they had it. Neither will the club unless a previous owner spots the request on the forum and contacts you.

Don’t get hung up too much on all this, if the car sounds (engine) good and goes well, stops and starts and steers well you pretty much have yourself a decent car.
MOT history only shows up all droplinks could do with replacement, easy enough and fairly cheap job. Apart from some rust on the subframe looks on that history alone to be pretty sound…but

Do have an inspection done on the whole of the undersides and particularly in and around the rear wheel arch/sill area, these can catch the rust and be a costly repair at a later date.
Happy motoring.:+1:

And just to add, if you don’t know much about MX-5’s pop a picture up and we should be able to tell which model you have, all that reveals ATM going on the reg, it’s a 2ltr.

I would ‘give it a birthday’ and service everything, all fluids, filters and plugs, and visually inspect/change things like belts and brakes. Then monitor oil and water to make sure all is well.

But just FYI, the local garage, Mazda, or the club is NOT in breach of disclosing information about a dead person. GDPR relates to Personal Data about LIVING people only. Google it, print it out and have it to hand if you go asking for info. No one has to tell you anything, but if you politely educate them, maybe you will get some information that would otherwise be withheld.

This car only has the first service recorded on Mazda’s Digital Service Record (DSR). If you download the My Mazda app you will have access to this information.

Hi Thank you to every body who came back to me, I am not to bothered about the service side, It would have been nice to talk to previous owners regarding its history, The car will be stripped in January anyway in readiness for some Sprints and Hillclimbs next year if Motorsport gets going again, Thanks again for your comments.