Black or silver ?

Iam not going to justify what I do to my car …but why are their so many people on this site so NEGATIVE…

Silver for me, black wheels never look right as they are usually blacker than the tyre which creates an odd look.


Andy, what colour are the wheels on the car in your avatar, 'cos they look black from where I’m sitting?


And 75 yoa 30AE owner, but maybe just a little “boy racer” at heart!

But I do have silver ones on my ND SE-L Nav.!

Best of both worlds!


To be fair you started not being sure as to your desicion, this opens up opinions in other members 

Its not negativity its opinions as we cant all like the same thing and you did ask for peoples thoughts 

no harm is meant by it well at least not from me anyway i just dont like black wheels 


Yeh that Hotwheels artwork has black wheels


TBH, I’m not the greatest fan of black wheels but what you’ve done really suits the car! You’ve made a good job of fitting the rim protectors too, better than my efforts once upon a time  Red dust caps now to finish it off  I’ve gone anthracite on my silver car and hoping to do the hardtop, mirrors, door handles and windscreen surround to match at some point. Love the red bodywork, it’s my favourite colour. 9 mx5’s over the years, 7 red, 1 yellow and now a silver one.



Black is not my first choice but I set myself a task of just using 2 colors and see how it came out and iam pleased so for still away to go…its all about for me not conforming to the norm…and you know all about that I followed your builds…and as with all my cars  it ends up with I cannot park anywhere with out people knowing iam there…be safe and conform to the norm…or be brave and stand out…I know what one you are…

Not black, they just blend in with the tyres and don’t stand out at all, for me the wheels on a car really contribute to how it looks

I have had gloss black on one modern car and currently have satin black on another one.

Neither blended in with the tyres but if you are concerned about that, you can always have the lip remain unpainted; however, you seem to indicate that you are going the two-tone route, so perhaps red would be an option? It would be bold but can look excellent - if you wanted to avoid paint, you could go the Wheelands route, which will also help protect the lack wheels!

Personally, I love black wheels and I’m sure it will look superb.






The norm thesedays seems to be the diamond-cut polushed metal finish, see so many new cars with it.


AND they are the worst finish! My daily driver has them and, firstly, all you need do is look at them and they chip but, secondly, when you do actually damage the wheels, they are a pain to refurbish. Give me a painted wheel any day!

Like that