Black or silver ?

hi been playing with my wheels sprayed one with plastikote gloss black not quite made my mind up 

Read your post and thought black wheels never look right, then I looked at the pictures. With the red log and rim trim the black looks great.

Needs the silver door handle trim turning black and another three wheel nuts wouldn’t go amiss.


Definitely BLACK!!!

 I find It OK to run on 2 nuts look at the weight saving on 12 nuts and one behind the sterling wheel 

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Black! Red trim on the rims looks ace! Another poster suggested black door handles, go for those too! Can you do the inner for the key insert in red? I love it! 


Cheers Russ

It’s on the list already done parts on the back black was just making my mind up on wheel color black it is…

Black with the red accents to break it up looks good. Wasn’t convinced with just black with black rubber, too much, the red accents improve it massively.

I’m thinking gun metal grey for my next refurb, maybe with a satin finish.

gunmetal grey would be nice but iam trying to keep it to 2 colors black and red I have a tiny bit of chrome petrol cap but have done that black and chrome …

Black, Black, got to be Black 

Not that I am Biased   NC Something Grey with Black aftermarket wheels. 

Normally I like silver wheels, but must admit that black goes well with the red. 


Sorry to go against the grain but SILVER all the way, black…boy racer!

There comes a point in our lives where being referred to using any phrase including the word ‘boy’ is a bonus.

BOY RACER…I can live with that …   iam a pensioner  cool…

Black looks great

I don’t like black wheels as they just ‘disappear’ and look like black holes. However, like my others have said, I do think it looks better than the silver! I think I would still go for a anthracite/gunmetal though, rather than pure black, just to give it some definition.

Watch this space I know what you mean about black blending in iam going to do a couple of things that I hope will address that at 10 pound a wheel its not to bad if it does not work out …but if you don’t try……its all about for me making my car diffrent from the run of the mill…should have 2 done by the weekend

Hi I have the one side done tryed to keep it 2 colors but there was a bit of chrome on it when brought so have tonned it down but it go’s with the back lights so all good…

Black wheels are for people who have no intrest in wheel design or keeping them clean 

a black wheel loses all its design features 

if you want dark go graphite / gunmetal grey its dark but still shows wheel design 


but at the end of the day your car your choice