Blue MX5 with cream leather upholstery - 2019 that even possible?

A general question if I may: I would love a blue metallic 2019 roadster (2L or 1.5) but were they even made with cream leather seats? I have never come across one, closest being the new venture (I don’t want a brand new car!). Grateful if you can advise so that if they weren’t made I can look at another colour
Thank you!

Hi… Just had a quick look and found these options for 2019…

  • Black Cloth (Sport)
  • Black Cloth with Red Accent Stitching (Club)
  • Black Leather with Red Accent Stitching (Grand Touring)
  • Sport Tan Leather (Grand Touring)
  • Auburn Nappa Leather +$300 (Grand Touring)

I don’t think Cream leather is an option…!

I believe in 2018 you could chose sand colour leather for an extra £200 instead of black.
Also the 2018 Z Sport models are grey with sand leather.

The GT Sport nav was then only with burgundy red leather, but this year they have changed to Stone leather

Thank you both; this is very helpful.

My 2019 2.0 litre GT Sport Nav+ Soft Top is eternal blue with sand (cream) leather interior trim.

My late 2018 is the same


Shame Eternal Blue was dropped, as it’s a lovely colour and relatively low maintenance.
That new Deep Blue will show all the swirls, scratches and chips as it’s so dark.

Yes, it is a lovely colour, and as you say relatively easy to maintain.

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Thanks All…yes that is lovely indeed!

Mazda have some strange option choices.
My Mazda2 has the stone leather and I think it looks great against the red. But spec a new Mazda3 hatch and you only get the choice of black or red leather with stone not available. But in the less popular saloon you can choose the stone.
In the CX30 which is based on the 3 you again get the choice of stone. Very strange.