Blue Sport Graphite 3/500 Cardiff

Hi guys,

Been lurking the forum for a couple of months now and thought I should make a post in the welcome section!

Bought my Sport Graphite in June. It’s a tidy example with 27k miles. Fitted Tein coilovers, Prosport ARB bushes, 2.5” seat drop and a G19 engineering filter and just a tidy up in general so far. Really enjoying the car after owning a mk1 Eunos Roadster many years ago.


Welcome, check out Sat Club in Barry

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My first Mk3 was the red sport graphite, great car and had the benefit of Tom Tom sat, can’t for the life of me remember the number! I swapped it out for a 25AE No.980.

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Yeah I’ve got the SatNav also. Needs an update though!

wow looks great

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Tomtom map updates for this are fairly expensive - keep an eye out for discount codes every so often from tomtom. Mine came with full Europe maps which are around £60 per year to update!!, you can save a fiver by going for Western Europe or £15 by going for UK&Ireland if you don’t plan to drive in Europe. (Their 18 month prices are “best” value if you can describe them as best!!!).
Additional to the map prices is Tomtom Live services at around £55 a year to get traffic and speed cameras. You should check that the sim in your device is still active before risking payment for live services.
I’ll let you decide if its worth it!

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Ok, so a bizarre thing happened. I dropped my ND into the dealer to check the boot as it was misaligned ( turned out to just be the rubber seal seated incorrectly! ). I collected my car and as I left parked to the right of me was my old sport graphite, talk about coincidences. And I now have the number 473/500 :stuck_out_tongue: