Blyton 4th July

Would we be allowed to bring our Exocet, built from a MK2.5 MX5?

Hi, sorry to hijack the thread, but does anyone know what layout of the circuit we are going to be driving?

By the way…I’ve been told we can take the Exocet


Has a timetable been published for Blyton on 04.07.21?
Thank you.

Hi, can anyone tell me where we book onto this track day please as struggling to find it. Thanks

You may struggle at this late stage to be honest. Google MOT (Mazda on track) track days. A cancellation might be your best hope…

Try this link 29

Looks like there may be a few spaces left

sorry, but that’s not the link to the Club Blyton event, for that you need this

My apologies…

Will be sending out the registration and timing emails to all registered asap

Final Confirmations should be sorted tomorrow.

Is anyone else staying in the local area the night before?

It would be nice to practice doing some of that “socialising” that I vaguely remember from years ago!
Appropriately within government guidelines of course; in case someone leaks CCTV clips to the 'Gainsborough Standard’:flushed:


Its been a long evening and the mk1 is back on the road after a mechanical failure at Cadwell so I’ve taken the plunge for Sunday also. I hope this is ok and not too short notice as couldn’t commit until the car was running again :grinning:

All done, Check your inbox.

For that and sorted it last night, thankyou for the quick response :grinning:

Thanks to everyone who attended Blyton on Sunday - what a great day
ideal weather = dry and sunny

and a big thanks to all who did not attend - yes thank you
unlimited track time for the rest of us who did attend

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My thanks also to everybody involved in the organisation and running of the event - they even managed to keep the weather at bay until a sudden cloudburst towards the end of the day.

Inevitably, was a quieter event than previous years but massively enjoyable and as always, really good manners on and off track from OC members; looking forward to future events :+1: :pray:



was just trying to get a couple of shots for the magazine, if you want a bigger version of a picture message me.