Blyton Park MX-5 Only Day - 1st June

Based on the success of this event, is there any possibility that the OC might hold one nearer south, e.g Brands or Snetterton? Snetterton is a great track for this car. Premier Inn, Travelodge and decent pubs all local.

Think we are are possibly doing the same :slight_smile:

I’d be interested to come along to watch too

Am thinking that waking up at the track would be a novel experience, followed by of course driving quickly round a track in our 5 for the first time! Which mark 5 do you have, ours is standard mk1 1.8is, with meister CRD’s and some anti roll bars, no abs which am looking forward to trying to manage on the day!

We have a mk2 1.6…just a fun toy to take to tracks etc. Been stripping it and learning over winter :grinning:

Will try and get some before and after photos unloaded

Sounds a fantastic day you have planned @StuMaz look forward to seeing before and after shots

If it all goes well it should be great fun. Need to try and get it out before then if i can. Make sure it doesnt fall apart :slight_smile:

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Before i try…do we know if anyone has checked possibility if canping out night before?

Are there any other mx5 only track days planned? This one sold out before payday :sweat_smile::crossed_fingers:

The Black Horse in Blyton village itself is pretty decent for those who prefer not to camp. I’ve booked in Friday night and will grab some food there too :+1:

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Good point! Have emailed Blyton to check about camping out on site the Friday night before the event.

Have heard back from Blyton track… we can camp out the night before…

Thats great news…
Will be good excise to break out the roof tent again lol

Cheers Blue Ben

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:rofl: at least you wouldn’t need a ladder! all my tent pegs seem have gone walkabout, after lending to the nephew. B :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:er!

Lol roof tent goes on range rover, more room then! lol…mx5 gets put on trailer :smiley:

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When’s the next ? I’ve just resigned as a member

Am hoping there are other events that come out as i want to get this thing on a few track days this year.

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Hello, there is a website which lists Mazda track days (and other car marques), though I am not sure how up to date it is as Blyton Park 1st June is not listed!