Blyton photographer

Can any one tell me who the photographer  was at Blyton this year and the details of the web site.


Would like to have a look at the pictures as I did not get chance as I was too busy on track having FUN!!!


Well done to Peter and the Team for another great weekend




There’s my album of photos over here too - Link

and most excellent they are too Phil, love my three pics


I emailed Xtreme Sports Photography on Monday (22nd) but haven’t had a reply. Anyone else had any joy?



It took Nick a couple of days to get back to me, but yes, did have response…

Never having considered photos from an organised event with high quality photographer before, I didn’t really know what price to expect… but was a little bit rich for my pocket unfortunately!

Cheers, Tim


Two days you say? Well that’s strange. It’s been a week and I haven’t heard a thing. I’ve checked my junk and spam folders and it hasn’t become trapped there.

I would have brought the CD on the day but I wanted to wait till after the event so that I could get both days on one CD. It is quite expensive for both days, £45 for the CD I think?


I’ll give it another week and then try again…

Nick’s website does say he’s often out at circuit, so maybe just hit him at a busy time?

His web give mobile number as 07788 825952, so I guess he’d be happy to take a call?

Cheers, Tim

Thanks for posting the contact details, I have been wondering.

I got a quick response with low resolution proof photos of 26 shots within minutes of asking and the price is £30 for the set of files (£35 on CD). I was only there on one day by the way.

This is very fair value I think and I will be ordering.

Ok, So I gave it a week and emailed again… Waited another week, nothing.

Another week went by. I was jut gearing up to send another email… then…

I got an reply!!!

With attached proofs from both days!!!

Of someone else’s car…

Permission to scream, and give up?