Body work - Central Scotland

I’ve just noticed the start of some rusting on one of my front wings and obviously want to get it sorted ASAP. THe garage I use is purely mechanical, no body shop works, so I’m looking for one in the central Scotland area that anyone could recommend to catch this bit of work before it develops into needing a new wing!

Any suggestions and any garages that you could recommend for this gratefully received.

It’s a black NB (Jasper Conran edition).


Foz Sports in Clacks really are not keen working on 5s.
They are artisans with posh damage/repair stuff, never the less give them a call and take your car along if it’s kinda minor.
If it’s going in the rear arch/sill/chassis rail areas they will likely turn it down.
I think our Mk2.5 remetalling put them off…
They will likely want a new wing…which is the best way anyhow.
Not the cheapest but excellent workmanship.
You only have to survey what they have in to realise that for yourself.
And, you’ll get a courtesy car.