Bodyshell replacement

Hello - I have a 2004 MX5 which is very rusty now.
Do you know of any specialists who offer a complete replacement bodyshell at an affordable price?
Can you advise on any options known?
Many thanks

Is it worth going down that road and the expense, would like to know, just out of interest.

This is the offering for the Mini.
It gives you an idea of the possible price that you may have to pay. Mazda have started an official restoration arm in Japan, some details here.
It appears they ‘repair’ the body so I think the simple answer is “no”

New bodyshells in white do appear from time to time. Not sure what the story is behind them, but I expect they would be around £5k if one appeared. It’ll be cheaper to bring in a rust free NB from Japan.

With modern “Just in Time” manufacturing (originally led by Japanese manufacturers) I doubt there would be many NOS bodies for NBs around. Still you never know - Leyland sold off a batch of brand new Spitfire bodies that had been lying around for seven or eight years after production ended. My housemate ordered a body tub as it was cheaper to swap out than welding sills and floor pans for his rusty Mk.IV. When he went to pick up the already bargain tub from the dealer, he was stunned to discover it was already fitted to a free chassis, doors, bonnet and boot lid!

They don’t even repair the body. If the car has any rust or accident damage, Mazda will tell you to go away. Its a bit of marketing. Mazda say they wull restore your car for you providing the body is all original and straight, that you haven’t modified it. ie. cars which were probably pretty good to start with.

They repaint the car, put on some replica vintage tyres that don’t grip as well as 2020 design tyres, and fit a new set of mats, for £30k. Essentially.

Hello JP thanks for your note.
I am not sure it is worth it but just wanted to know if anyone had had this experience previously.
Thanks ASB

Hello thanks for your note.
Much appreciated
Thanks ASB

Thank you very much

Thanks very much


Yeah well, why not try and find out, may be interesting to know, but I expect the answer will be unviable. Who knows? Anyway hope you find an affordable way to get back on the road. Cheers