Bodywork repairs - South East. Recommendations?

I am an absolute fool. I started my lovely Mk1 in gear,
and it ran into a pillar.
I have bashed the drivers door in. I am not sure if it can be repaired or if it needs replaced.
Also I need an engine undertray.

Any recommendations for a good place for MX5 bodywork in the South East / London please?

Red Mk1 with electric windows if there is a suitable replacement door on the market.

Speak to the best people around, TheMX5Restorer Garath and Chris really do know their stuff.

Plenty of body shops can sort out a door without specialist MX5 knowledge.

If you are paying for it - ask for a Retail quote, so they don’t load it for insurance purposes.

Maybe ask who your local Mazda dealer (or MX5 service specialist) uses.

Just updating this one.
Thankyou to MX5restorer and MX5revive for taking the time to give me quotes.

I ended up taking the car to a local bodyshop under the arches in London. Seems to have done a good job, and I am relieved.

And a reminder for all - never reach into an open door or window and start the engine. If it is in gear the car will leap forward, and you don’t have the chance to press brake or clutch.