Does anyone in MX land know where I can get the NC’s rear arch sorted. It’s been temporarily “fixed” twice since I’ve owned it but, it needs the rot cutting out and doing properly . 

If anyone knows a "one-stop shop " that can do it all I’d be very grateful . 

I live in killamarsh,  Sheffield so would ideally want a local garage 

Many Thanks 


The nearest well known local specialist to you is Roddisons…


Not sure if they specialise in bodywork repairs but contact them as they will no doubt be in a position to refer you to a local repairer if not.  

Hi the best guy I know is Barry Roberts in Retford ,he has done considerable work on my mk1 and someother mx 's , ring him on 01777 702393 working hours, if you want to see some of his work , ring me on 01909486422 [worksop] and arrange a visit either me to you or you to me Mick

To update this thread, I’ve had a lot of work done on the Mx. To get it through the Mot back in March it had to have extensive chassis rail repairs done on both sides which have been done and while the fabricator was in that area he also repaired a very rotten inner arch on the offside . As he did such a good job on that I let him loose on the rotten arches a month later . Just before I took it to him I noticed a small rust patch in the boot area where the jack is kept . This turned out to be a VERY BIG HOLE that also needed a lot of fabrication . In all , he had the car for three weeks and made an excellent job of both the fab work and the paint. 

I urge anyone with an early Mk3 to check there cars rear ends as they are becoming more common for severe rust issues. Mine is a 2006 1.8 model.



I’ve recently treated mine in all the areas you mention, glad to say it’s solid enough just surface stuff 

It’s good to know yours is all sorted now, and you updated the thread.