BOFI 1.8 clutch and ultralight flywheel from 1992 1.6 stock weight differences

For anyone thinking about the weight differences between a stock NA 1.6 clutch/flywheel and a BOFI 1.8 clutch with the ultralight flywheel, here ya go, about 2kg.
Im running it on stock power still but it feels great and no complaints from me!

There are two different 1.6 flywheels. Japan and the US got a heavier flywheel. The EU, and Mazdaspeed, along with M2-Inc, used a lighter version. Later on, this lighter flywheel became standard fitment on the Mk2 1.6.

Mk1 1.6 Eunos Roadster/ Miata: B61P11500A, 8.3kg
Mk1 1.6 EUDM MX5/ Global Mk2 1.6/NB6/ Mazdaspeed/ M2-1001: 6S711500A, 7.15kg
Mk1 1.8 EUDM/US MX5/Miata/94-96 Eunos: 8.1kg
Mk1 1.8 94 RS, 95 Phase 1.5 NA8C/1996+ Eunos: 7.9kg.

I had a 93 JDM 1.6, which a previous owner had fitted a 4.1 Torsen, 1.8 flywheel and Spec clutch, then boosted it, then de-boosted and sold on. It didn’t drive well, but drove better with a Mk2 1.6 flywheel and 1.6 clutch.

Fitting 1.6 flywheels and clutches to 1.8 cars is a “thing” in the US on Autocross cars. The clutch holds up fine on a standard 1.8.

Best thing is a Mk2 1.6 flywheel is no more than £20-25.