Boot rack or boot bag?

I need to buy a boot rack or boot bag for my ND, are there any suggestions on which is best?

The Revo-rack I’ve seen looks good …any experience?

I got the “Original Boot Bag”. It’s slightly cheaper via MX5parts than the manufacturer (who also sell a larger version). It worked fine on my RF going down to Cornwall and back, the contents stayed perfectly dry in spite of torrential rain.
As the ND boot lid is small you do need to trim the webbing strips as per the instructions, which is easy to do. You also need some bands to tie up the loose ends after tightening down, I used spare hairbands, as otherwise they could flap around and flay the paintwork.
There is a video of someone using the RF roof with the bag in place, but the care in packing and positioning would need to be perfect. It’s easy enough to take the bag off and on, for a long trip you’ll probably already have decided roof position. The bag wouldn’t affect the soft top operation as far as I can see.