Boot/trunk lid liner ND

Thought I’d make use of the space available by lining the boot lid, small though it is. Originally was just going to line it as per other owners so I went on to Thingyverse and downloaded the excellent project by MX5things, and 3d printed the bits and pieces. After cutting a piece of doorcard and getting ready to fit it all I thought what a waste of space which is at a premium in our cars, ok so not much but enough for the manual and a window wiper etc.
I had a new sheet of aluminium laying around so I got to work and cut a piece to fit about half the size of the available space, stuck some thin trim carpet on and lined it with white door edging. I used the 3 slots at the bottom to attach it.

I have the 3d printed bits I didn’t use, if anyone would like them you’re welcome to them.


3d printed parts now gone.