Bose stereo changed sound with top up/ down ???

Heres an odd one - I have a 2009 Sport tech with the Bose stereo. When the top is up, the sound seems “wider” - when you unlatch the top - the sound changes to seem to be more middle - almost mono. I dont know if the stereo is set to change when the top is up or down to offer better clarity ? Is there a way to disable this as I prefer the sound with the top up - when the top is down ( if that makes sense ).

The sound definitely changes when you undo and do up the roof latch …

any thoughts ?

And also - anyone looking for a 6 CD auto changer / MP3 player for the early NC as I have one for sale?



There is a switch in the roof latch keep that changes the sound stage depending on the roof position, you can toggle it with your finger when the roof is down to hear the effect. I’m pretty sure I disabled in on one of my NC’s, possibly by bending the tab.


This is a feature of the Bose unit (mine does this too) - I seem to recall that the Owners’ Manual states that it “tailors” the sound to the changing audio characteristics of the car between roof up & roof down.

From memory, I think that if you turn the “Audiopilot” function off (menu available by pressing the knob on the right hand side of the unit), then the sound will remain the same regardless of which position the roof’s in?

excellent - thanks - will have a look tomorrow

at least im not imagining it !


That explains why the sound temporarily cuts out on mine when I operate the roof latch. Can’t say I’ve noticed much difference though so perhaps it works better than I thought.